Locally Sourced: 

  • Technicians of Human Dignity: Bodies, Souls, and the Making of Intrinsic Worth - Gaymon Bennet, ASU

  • Surface Encounters: Thinking with Animals and Art - Ron Broglio, ASU

  • Global Indigenous Health: Reconciling the Past, Engaging the Present, Animating the Future - UA Press

  • Cell Traffic: New and Selected Poems - Heid E. Erdrich, UA Press

    Medicine and Literature PBC Collection: 

    We are currently recruiting students to review this collection. Find us soon in the library on the third floor of HSEB... 

    Medical Narratives: 

    • Ask Me Why I Hurt - Dr. Randy Christensen

    • When Breath Become Air - Paul Kalanithi

    • Stitches - David Small